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Monday, February 24, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY DANIEL MINGUEZ Lehigh County Commissioners hear final arguments regarding the 2013 budget before accepting revisions authored by County Executive Bill Hansell. PRESS PHOTO BY DANIEL MINGUEZ Lehigh County Commissioners hear final arguments regarding the 2013 budget before accepting revisions authored by County Executive Bill Hansell.

LEHIGH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Budget adopted as revised by county executive

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by DANIEL MINGUEZ Special to The Press in Local News

Lehigh County Commissioners let a budget amended by County Executive Bill Hansell stand at their Nov. 14 meeting.

The amended budget was returned to the commissioners by the executive who vetoed amendments to the budget that would have cut $5 million in spending and reduced real estate revenues by a little over $5 million. Instead the budget was amended by Hansell to include a total of $3.5 million in spending cuts to specific line items and a reduction in real estate revenues by $3 million.

The amended budget sent to Hansell had been passed with the support of republican commissioners Vic Mazziotti, Scott Ott, Lisa Scheller, Michael Schware and Thomas Creighton III.

Democratic Commissioners Daniel McCarthy and David Jones were joined by Republican Commissioners Percy Dougherty and Brad Osborne in opposing the amendment.

This delineation of commissioner party affiliation is made to correct a statement reported in a previous article that the vote fell down party lines.

The five republicans who supported the original amended budget were unable to sway the one extra commissioner needed to overturn the veto, keeping the larger spending cuts in place.

Hansell advocated for his revised budget saying, "What I tried to do is craft a middle ground compromise between a position of my original budget and what I heard all of you say last meeting, which was that you wanted tax reduction and spending cuts. This is a bipartisan budget," he continued. "I listened to all of you, even those I disagreed with three weeks ago."

Mazziotti lamented five of the commissioners on the board were not included in crafting the revised budget, and the move by Hansell to keep them in the dark was not any form of "bipartisanship" he wanted to be a part of.

"Even though we heard a litany of sins at the last meeting about what would happen if we cut $5 million from the budget, the county executive was able to come up with 70 percent of those cuts without a single cut to services" Mazziotti said.

Schware echoed Mazziotti and added, "Since the last meeting we've made good progress toward the $5 million, but I don't think $5 million is enough. Just one meeting ago we were told by the administration that there was nothing to cut, now we're being told there's $3.5 million that can be cut and it doesn't affect personnel. The executive's veto is not the best deal for the taxpayer."

The commissioners had the opportunity to eliminate line item cuts made by the executive, but passed.

Osborne said, "I think the budget as revised by our executive is a good financial package for Lehigh County residents. It requires that county spending is $3.5 million less in 2013 than in 2012, and it spells out specifically where those cuts come from."

Jones argued for consensus building in budget talks saying, "If county government going forward is going to get to the end that everyone wants, it's not because we can muster five votes and shove it down the county's throat, its going to be because there's leadership that creates a consensus and collaborative approach."

The comment brought discussion on the budget to a close. With the veto standing, the budget was adopted as revised by Hansell. Commissioners will return to regular business at their next meeting Nov. 20.