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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Song sung Andreas

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Focus

Tony Award-nominated Christine Andreas doesn't so much sing a song as let the song sing her.

"When the song sings you, that's when you get the performance, not when you are singing the song," Andreas says in a recent phone interview.

Andreas will sing a variety of pop songs, accompanied by her husband, composer-pianist Martin Silvestri, in her Bethlehem debut, 7 p.m. Dec. 6, Fowler Blast Furnace Room, ArtsQuest Center, SteelStacks, Bethlehem.

"For a new audience, I like people to understand me and my music," says Andreas. Expect to hear theater songs, the Great American Songbook, light pop, French songs, and original songs.

Andreas has drawn raves from critics, including this from Stephen Holden in The New York Times: "Christine Andreas has one of the four or five most compelling voices to be heard in the Broadway theater."

Andreas recently performed at New York's newest cabaret venue, 54 Below.

With cabaret, Andreas says there is no role to hide behind, or character to play, as might happen in a stage musical. "I've learned to love it. It used to be hard to be that raw onstage. I know who I am through this music."

In cabaret, especially, the audience's roles is important. "Let's have this great conversation with music. It's not one-way. I get this great feeling from the audience."

Andreas was offered the role of Judy Garland in a reading for "Heartbreaker," a play with music.

"I usually avoid doing iconic biographical portrayals I ended up really caring about this particular script. Intuitively, I connected with the humanity in the writing, which turns on your intuition. And that's exciting."

She's also excited about working with her husband, with whom she recorded the CD, "Love Is Good," of which she says, "It's the music that found us as we began making music together."

Silvestri has two Broadway shows in pre-production: "The Countess of Storyville" and "Casanova."

"It's really a loving, fun musical journey," Andreas says of Silvestri and their romantic and musical collaboration. "We didn't know the first gig was going to be The White House, but it was.

"When Marty and I do what we do, sometimes people come up to us and they can't talk. It's as much about our connection with people as how we work. People are touched. They just sort of stare for a little bit. It's kind of very adorable."