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Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

Report: Officer training brings results

Third of four parts

The Salisbury Township Police Department completed a number of training programs in 2012.

Additonally, the police department obtained grants totaling $21,875.28, which helped result in 1,328 vehicle stops and 319 traffic citations.

The list of officer training programs takes up two pages in the 2012 annual report presented to the township board of commissioners by Salisbury Township Chief of Police Allen W. Stiles.

Among the training completed by all department officers: Allentown Police Academy training and education, first-aid-CPR, pistol-shotgun-rifle training, defensive tactics and seat belt use.

Sgt. Kevin Soberick, Sgt. Ronald Patten and Sgt. Donald Sabo attended the Command Institute for Law Enforcement Executives run by the FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and a Tactical Conference of the New York Tactical Officers' Association.

Detective Kevin Kress attended the FBI Inter-County Detective School, Reed Institute Interview and Interrogation program and National Bunco Investigators Association national seminar.

Selected officers attended no fewer than 17 training programs, including Emergency Response Training, Vehicle Rescue Training, Lehigh County Computer Crime Task Force Training, Pennsylvania Safe School Conference, Sobriety Check Point Training and Rapid Law Enforcement Response to Violence and Terrorism in School Settings.

"In an effort to provide for a more professional police department and to increase the quality of service to the public, we have assigned all full-time patrol officers and the detective additional duties," Chief Stiles stated in his annual report.

Each police officer has from two to six additional duties, not including patrol, emergency response, traffic enforcement, accident investigation and criminal investigation during assigned shifts.

For example, Sgt. Kevin Soberick is patrol supervisor, emergency services liaison, field training officer, special operations group supervisor-tactical resource officer and arson investigator.

In 2012, township police officers, under the direction of Senior Patrol Officers Bryan Losagio, traffic safety coordinator, conducted grant-funded traffic enforcement.

The grants, totaling $21,875.28; with 1,328 vehicle stops; and 319 traffic citations, included:

Aggressive Driving Enforcement (PennDOT): $7,544.52; 200 vehicle stops; 162 traffic citations;

Buckle Up Pa. (PennDOT): $2,403.89; 352 vehicle stops; 46 traffic citations;

DUI Enforcement (PennDOT): $3,742.80; 662 vehicle stops; 14 DUI arrests; 22 traffic citations; and

Lehigh County Casino Grant: $8,184.07; 114 vehicle stops; 46 traffic citations

Additionally, officers assigned to zone patrols issued an additional 553 traffic citations.

Losagio conducted seven vehicle speed surveys in township neighborhoods and a parking and safety survey on the township's east side.

The police department has 19 officers, including the police chief, one detective, three sergeants, 12 full-time officers and two part-time officers.

The department is organized into Alpha Platoon, Bravo Platoon and Investigation and Community Policing.

Part Four: Police K-9 Unit, Animal Control