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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Colin Mochrie, left, Brad Sherwood, right, CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Colin Mochrie, left, Brad Sherwood, right, "The Two Man Group," 8 p.m. Feb. 7, State Theatre for the Arts, 453 Northampton St., Easton

Whose show is it? Theirs, at the State

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 by ELIZABETH OUELLETTE Special to The Press in Focus

Fans of the popular improvisational ensemble comedy series, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?," can see the show's stars Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie perform their trademark improv, "The Two Man Group," 8 p.m. Feb. 7, State Theatre for the Arts, 453 Northampton St., Easton.

This live performance brings the action of televised show, now seen on The CW, directly to the State Theatre audience.

"It's all improvised," explains Brad Sherwood. "The audience gives all of the suggestions. They provide the direction, driving Colin and I around. They are 'the puppet masters, if you will," he laughs. Audience members are called to the stage to participate.

Sherwood became interested in improv (a form of comedy where most or all of the action is created as it is performed) when he saw an improv group perform in college. He has been doing it ever since.

"We are the first generation of professionals at improv," he says in a recent phone interview. "I couldn't say I wanted to do this when I was young because no one was doing it.

"Nowadays, kids in theater school can take whole classes in improv and study improv and that's directly a result of us and the success of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'"

"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" TV show fans make up a large portion of the audience for the live show. "We have fans of the original British version, fans of the original American show, and fans of the current version," relates Sherwood.

"It's been airing in some format for 20 years. Fans who watched the show when they were seven or eight and are now in their 20s are coming to the show. It's really great," he says.

In 1992, Sherwood became a recurring performer on three seasons of the British version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" He starred for all seven seasons of the American, Emmy-nominated version on ABC-TV.

Sherwood enjoys working with Mochrie. He says Mochrie knows exactly how to catch whatever Sherwood throws at him.

Sherwood and Mochrie are on the improv sketch comedy show, "Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza," on the Game Show Network. They've performed "The Two Man Group" since 2003.

"He always knows how to do something with whatever I come up with," says Sherwood. "He just makes me laugh. He's just a fun guy and he can do anything.

"We have been touring for 10 years. Ten years. This has been our main occupation for 10 years and we are very lucky."