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Thursday, February 20, 2020


Wednesday, July 16, 2014 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

$185,000 commonwealth grant sought for new pavilion, restrooms at Lindberg Park

A new pavilion and restrooms may be in the offing for Lindberg Park in western Salisbury Township.

Township commissioners voted unanimously 5-0 at the July 10 meeting to approve a resolution authorizing Salisbury Township Manager Randy Soriano to apply for a $185,000 Commonwealth Financing Grant.

The resolution was put forth for a vote by Commissioner Joanne Ackerman and seconded by Commissioner Vice President Debra Brinton.

The Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program grant fits in with the township's Lindberg Park Master Site Plan, which recommended pavilion and restroom improvements.

Soriano outlined three proposals for the project, with the recommendation being $125,000 for a new pavilion and $60,000 for restrooms. This would require demolition of the pavilion and restrooms.

The township is required to fund 15 percent of the project, expected to be engineering and design fees over and above the $185,000 grant.

The first proposal would include renovation of the restrooms. The second proposal would provide an addition to the restrooms.

The grant application deadline is July 21.

Work is expected to get underway this year to fulfill the first phase of the Lindberg Park Master Plan.

A $177,000 DCNR grant, $169,000 Lehigh County Green Future Fund grant and $35,000 Lehigh Valley Health Network grant, with work by the township Public Works Department, are funding the Lindberg Park perimeter walking path.

The $400,000 project is expected to be completed by year's end.

The perimeter path is part of the Lindberg Park Master Plan. The perimeter path is intended to connect to Allentown's Lehigh Parkway path.

The Lindberg Park Master Plan has 11 phases. The cost is $3 million. The completion timeline is 10 years.

Work on the Lindberg Park Master Plan began in 2011, based on the township Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan. Public hearings on the Lindberg Park Master Plan were held in 2012.

Consultant for the Lindberg Park Master Plan is Urban Research & Development Corp.