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Friday, January 24, 2020

Salisbury’s Cooperman selected for Carpenter Cup baseball

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 by Peter Car in Sports

The 2016 Lehigh Valley Carpenter Cup roster was announced last week as the franchise looks for a fresh start in the 31st year of the tournament.

Salisbury’s Chad Cooperman is the only Falcon to earn a spot on the team.

The LV side is hoping to rebound from last year’s shocking 19-0 defeat to Tri-Cape in the opener of the tournament. That defeat was the worst ever by the Valley and one that won’t be forgotten for the proud franchise.

“We haven’t really addressed last year, and likely won’t,” said LV founder JF Pirro, noting that perennial contender Burlington County (New Jersey) lost its opening game last year, 18-0 on the same field.

“Something was in the water in Philly last year if two of the top teams bowed out, back-to-back, 27-0,” said Pirro. “I had a hard time addressing it last year, immediately after the game and even months later, because in my 30 years of coaching I have never been part of something that embarrassing.

“In our first meeting with players and parents this year, I repeated what I usually say, which is that because of our reputation for success in the tournament, no one wants to play us. But when I first spoke to the players trying out at the first tryout, I revised it to this: ‘Everyone wants to play us because everyone wants to say they beat you.’

“It’s a different, more motivating and likely truthful way of looking at it.’”

Parkland leads the way with five representatives, while Emmaus is represented by Eric Cichocki (SS), Todd Moxey (P/OF), Evan Marushak (OF) and Matt Lanzone (P). All of the Green Hornets on the squad are juniors, except for Marushak making the team as a sophomore.

The 16-team tournament, sponsored by the Philadelphia Phillies, will get underway June 15 for the Lehigh Valley team against Mercer County.

The semifinals and final will be played at Citizens Bank Park on June 21 and June 24.

The following is this year’s Lehigh Valley Carpenter Cup roster.

Tyler Bruno 12 2B Park

Michael Jenkins 11 P Park

Emmett McCauley 10 3-C Strd

Kyle Freibolin 12 C Park

Eric Cichocki 11 SS Emm

Braeden Duff 12 P Park

Chad Cooperman 12 P Salis

Trey Durrah 12 1B East

Matt Mellinger 11 1B Park

Ivan Solis 12 C Allen

Eric Santiago 12 SS ND

Erick Reyes 12 P Allen

Chris Burke 10 C-DH N.Syl

Matt Morrow 11 P Beca

Todd Moxey 11 P-OF Emm

Sammy Kraihanzel 11 3B Lib

Trevor Schreiner 10 1B-DH NW

C.J. Gantz 11 2B N’ton

Evan Marushak 10 OF Emm

Brett Foulke 11 OF ND

Tyler Schreiner 11 OF NW

Matt Lanzone 11 P Emm

Jared Burcin 11 C-OF Lib

C.J. Peechatka 11 OF Poc E

Carson Freeman 12 P-OF Bang