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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Thursday, June 14, 2018 by Marge Hopkins Special to The Press in Local News

Operations committee discusses changes in security

During a special meeting of the board held prior to the operations meeting June 4, members of the Salisbury Township School Board approved the resignation of Business Administrator Robert Bruchak effective July 1.

Also approved during the special meeting was the action of employment for Daniel Reichenbach to serve as the head coach of the girls basketball team for the 2018-2019 season effective June 5.

Following the special meeting, Salisbury Township School District Director of Facilities and Safety and Security William Brackett discussed upcoming safety initiatives at the district.

Brackett explained the security system at the high school is ready for an overhaul and, although he received an estimate from the current contractor; Simplex Systems, he has researched other alternatives.

According to Brackett, Intralogic Solutions, based in Massapequa, N.Y., offers “quite a security system” that is more advanced and, at a price of just under $47,000, comparable to the $41,000 quote from Simplex.

With the new software, the school’s analog system will change to a digital platform presenting a more concise camera view that will be able to zoom in and follow movements. Eventually, Brackett noted, the system from Intralogic Solutions can be tied into the school’s door access system.

The new system will also allow school administration and police the capability of logging in while off-site to monitor activity at the school.

Data storage on the camera system is two weeks, which Brackett stated was an upgrade from the current system in place.

Two additional camera units are to be installed on poles in the student parking lot.

Director Joseph Gnall asked about the difficulty in training staff to operate the Intralogic software.

“It’s crazy simple,” Brackett replied.

“The usability is 10 times better than the current system in place.”

Brackett mentioned that unlike the Simplex system, Intralogic does not carry licensing fees.

Members of the operations committee agreed to move forward with Intralogic Solutions.

The next improvement project on the agenda was the installation of an asphalt path in the grassy area in front of the Harry S Truman Elementary School.

Concern had been voiced regarding keeping parents coming to pick up their children at the cafeteria at the end of the school day away from the flow of the bus traffic and offer a clear path to the door out of the grassy area.

Vice President Samuel DeFrank asked whether signage would be installed to direct the parents to the new walkway area and suggested signage be erected if it had not been a consideration.

Gnall responded signage may not be enough to alleviate the problem and commented that in the future, for extra safety and security, the installation of a fence be a consideration.

Concerning safety and security at the elementary school, Brackett said the school district’s website has a tip form to report incidents or issues.

Users can go to the website, visit the Salisbury Township School District menu, click the “visit” box and find the tip form.

Brackett noted that to prevent abuse the tip forms are not anonymous and require the user to be authorized to access the site and use a valid email address.

Complaints through the tip form are viewed by building principals, Salisbury Resource Officer Richard Nothstein, and Brackett.

Director George Gatanis asked that a policy be enacted for those who make false accusations through the site.

In other committee news, the district will install Allovue financial software that will work in conjunction with the current software but will allow administrators the ability to examine the district’s finances in full transparency.

Salisbury Township School District Superintendent Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss said the software has three modules; management, budgets and evaluation.

The third module will assist the district in achieving specific financial goals and initiatives by examining and comparing statistics and projections using real time software easily navigated.

The setup fee for the software is $5,000 and the annual licensing fee is $6,400. Ziegenfuss noted because the software will be accessible to the administration and information will be at hand, it will eliminate some of the burden on the business office.

The next operations committee meeting is scheduled Aug. 6.