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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Thursday, August 9, 2018 by Debbie Galbraith in Local News

Clubs, foundations and parent organizations support the district

Many clubs, foundations and organizations support the Salisbury Township School District, all comprised of many volunteers.

“The Salisbury Township School District recognizes the purpose of such organizations is to assist and support, but not to direct or supplant the existing activity of the district,” according to Board Policy 6A2.

All organizations must be board approved.

The policy states booster club, foundation and/or parent organizations are comprised of parents/guardians or community members who choose to support a board-approved extracurricular, co-curricular or other activity.

There are requirements for the organizations and their members as stated in the policy.

•Only those organizations recognized by the board and operating within the board-approved guidelines will be permitted to use the district’s name and facilities for their organizations.

•District employees may participate in these organizations but may not serve as treasurer or handle the finances. District employees must receive approval from their supervisor before conducting any club/foundation/organization activity on school grounds during the school day. Fundraising by school employees for such groups is prohibited on school grounds during the school day.

•If the club/foundation/organization would like to use the district’s name, logo, mascot and/or other identifying marks in fundraising efforts, board recognition is necessary. The district is not responsible or liable for the actions of or decisions made by the club/foundation/organization.

•The purpose of these groups is to provide supplemental support for the students who are participating in the activity for which the organization has been formed. The support must be non-discriminatory.

•Clubs/foundations/organizations must comply with all applicable board policies.

•Athletic booster clubs must comply with Title IX regulations. The district shall have the unlimited authority to reject or make alternate use of funding/donations provided by the organization to ensure Title IX compliance.

•Each potential club/foundation must create and adhere to bylaws and a copy must be submitted to the superintendent upon adoption.

•Fundraising to benefit the students and support educational and building programs must follow general operating guidelines. Parents/guardians should be given the opportunity to participate, donate money of equal value or decline to participate. Mandatory fundraisers are prohibited.

•All fundraising activities must comply with applicable board policies. District and building administration retain the right to prohibit the sale of certain items which may create unsafe conditions, require unusual cleanup procedures or violate applicable law or district policy.

•Students are not permitted to sell or participate in games of chance (50-50, raffles, lotteries etc.). Adults may participate in games of chance.

•Booster clubs/foundations/organizations must ensure all proper licenses have been procured for proposed fundraising and activities.

•Approved groups must name a FDIC-insured bank for all proceeds and receipts. A procedure has been established for check signing, withdraws and reviews of finances.

•A financial plan must be submitted to the district by June 15 of each year which will outline proposed fundraising activities, the specific purpose of the activities and listing major expenditures for the following school year.

•An annual report must be submitted by Sept. 15 of each school year including bylaws, a list of current officers, end-of-year financial/fundraising report for the prior school year and a confirmation finances are in good standing. Other requirements are included in the policy.

•Clubs/foundations/organizations must complete a use of facilities form to use district buildings and grounds for events.

•Clubs/foundations/organizations involved in concessions must follow procedures including payment, equipment use and cleanup.

Additional information on this policy can be found on the school district website at