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Friday, February 28, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY MARGE HOPKINSNew Salisbury educators Natalie Woodward, John Moss and James Hahn are excited to start the school year. PRESS PHOTO BY MARGE HOPKINSNew Salisbury educators Natalie Woodward, John Moss and James Hahn are excited to start the school year.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 by MARGE HOPKINS Special to The Press in Local News

Board welcomes new teachers

Teachers James Hahn, Natalie Woodward and John Moss were among the list of changes to staffing at the district approved by the Salisbury School Board for the upcoming school year.

Each teacher was in attendance and was welcomed by members of the Salisbury Township School Board during the meeting held Aug. 15.

Hahn will fill a position of a full-time mathematics teacher at the Salisbury High School.

Woodward will be employed at Western Salisbury Elementary School as a part-time special education teacher.

Salisbury Middle School will add Moss to its ranks as a full-time mathematics teacher.

Additional changes were made to the instructional support teams at the high school, SMS and Harry S Truman Elementary School.

At SMS, Gina Seagreaves will serve as a part-time learning support instructional assistant. Amy Hines and Alyssa Trunk will be employed as part-time one-to-one instructional assistants.

Angela Pospischil will be employed as a part-time one-to-one instructional assistant at SHS while Jane Holben will be employed as a part-time transitional learning assistant at the school.

Marlene Zamora has been employed as a part-time one-to-one instructional assistant at HST.

Staff transfers include Celynnann LaPlaca as the full-time behavior interventionist at HST and WSE, from the same role at SMS and Patricia Anderson from full-time gifted teacher at SHS, WSE and HST to include a role change at HST of gifted/special education teacher.

Learning Support teacher Katherine Hutchinson’s role at SHS will expand to include HST.

Part-time one-to-one instructional assistant Marshall Bonaskiewich will transfer from SHS to WSE.

Courtney Mooney’s assignment as part-time one-to-one instructional assistant at WSE will change to the part-time transitional learning instructional assistant.

HST part-time library instructional assistant Stephanie Linn will be reassigned to the role of part-time day transitional learning assistant at SHS.

Constance Keller will become the part-time library instructional assistant at HST moving from the role of one-to-one instructional assistant at WSE.

Resignations at the district include junior varsity girls soccer coach Kailey DeOliveira, and Christine Quier who served as a part-time instructional assistant at WSE.

Custodial changes include the transfer of positions of Brian Nesfeder and Shawn Judd.

Nesfeder will transfer from the position of a full-time utility worker at the administration building to the director of facilities at the same location.

Judd will assume the role of the full-time maintenance day custodian at SMS, transferring from his position as the third shift custodian at SHS.

Custodian Michael Gollie will move from a part-time custodian at WSE to a full-time position at the high school.

Members of the Board also approved a revised salary of $110,642 for William Brackett.

Also approved at the meeting were district coaching positions to be filled by Michelle DeOliveira; junior varsity girls soccer, Stanley Fidrych; tennis assistant, Louis Bottitta; tennis, Corey Cesare; assistant varsity football, Mackenzie Sikora and Brittany Burda assistant varsity cheerleading.

Volunteer positions for assistant twirling coaches will be filled by Christina Young, Christine and Rob Tocci, Julie Sentz, Nanette DeReemer and Susan Sentz. All coaches are returning from last year.

In other personnel changes, Kelly Wetherhold was approved as the chairperson of the English/Reading departments.

Michaele Hippauf was approved as the educational liaison at WSE, while Beth Prokesch was approved to the same position at SMS.

Meredith Castagna and Tracy Merrill will mentor John Moss and Natalie Woodward, respectively, as part of the district induction program.