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Thursday, February 20, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIERBaum School of Art scholarship recipients attending reception display their award certificates. Copyright - © Ed Courrier PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIERBaum School of Art scholarship recipients attending reception display their award certificates. Copyright - © Ed Courrier

Fifty students receive awards for Baum School scholarships

Friday, April 19, 2019 by Ed Courrier Special to The Press in Focus

The Baum School of Art, Allentown, awarded full scholarships, half-scholarships and quarter-scholarships to more than 50 students ages five through 17 during the closing reception of the “Children & Teen Student Exhibition” in the David E. Rodale and Rodale Family Galleries.

Baum School executive director Shannon Fugate emceed the March 31 event, where event sponsors Mike and Wendy Stout of Stout Associates, LLC presented certificates to scholarship recipients.

Half-tuition scholarships for one course went to those receiving Meritorious Awards, while Honorable Mention recipients received quarter-tuition scholarships for art classes at Baum School. Two students from each class were nominated by their instructors for the awards.

Classes in drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpture, exploring art, graphic design, Manga, comics and cartoons, digital animation, fashion design, sewing and portfolio prep were among the award categories.

Meritorious awards were granted to David Rodriguez, Nina Hardt, Lucy Patt, Nina Zhang, Grace Zhang, Jenna Dobrowolski, Malaakyh Hardy, Brandon Long, Ryleigh Murphy, Genevieve Tabor, Jessica Jin, Jaxon Franke, Ethan Yeakel, Serenah Leskin, Violet Hadian, Corinn Carter, Danica Dollenger, Thomas Bartko, Mandy Zhang and Nick Hidalgo-Schnaars.

Honorable mentions were given to Abigail Szilagyi, Kiran Kadewari, Emma Kerr, Alexa Weber, Natasha Ding, Sofia Barriga-Liceaga, Joseph Gow, Aiden King, Xiahlie Riggelman, Demetra Tsarouhis, Helen Si, Lilas Hanna, Kacey Lo, Tia Farah, Marley Yambor and Grace Bethman.

Art scholarships for teenagers covering a full post-session or one-week summer course were awarded to four students. Abby Moyer and Claire Phillips were each conferred a John Hudders Memorial Award. Art Potosnak Memorial Award teen scholarships were presented to Emma Kressler and Zoe Haines.

For 26 years, the Allentown Neighborhood Arts Program has provided full-tuition certificates to children who are recommended by their art teachers from 12 inner-city elementary schools. This year’s scholarships were awarded to Gadiel Leon, Karelyn Amparo, Abigail Santiago, Ethan Gomez, Kamila Rodriguez, Charlie Soto, Jullian Colon Rodriguez, Mia Scarr, Elvis Torres, Cristal Rosario Romero, Kara Santiago, Chanel Davis, Xamira Hidalgo, Franyer Rodriguez and Serenity Gonzalez.

The scholarships are named for the founders, notable artists, community leaders and supporters of the school, including Walter Emerson Baum, Edgar and June Baum, Harry Bertoia, Hans Moller, Linny and Beall Fowler, Jim and Bertie Musselman, Bob and Sandy Lovett, Rudy S. Ackerman, and the Stouts, among others.

A new Allentown Neighborhood Arts Program scholarship, named in memory of Mimi Conneen Miley, was presented to Harmony Noel and Sebastian Lora. Miley was a curator of The Allentown Art Museum and the wife of Baum School Trustee Larry Miley. Her mother was miniatures artist Jane Conneen.

The scholarships are funded through private donations.