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Friday, May 29, 2020

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Thursday, May 7, 2020 by The Press in Opinion

Happy Mother’s Day

I spotted a billboard along Route 22 this past weekend that gave me particular pause.

It read, When we cannot change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

I understand the “we” in this statement can apply to a multitude of people locally and across this country, but one special group came to mind.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and although life looks a little different these days, and the celebrations will as well, we must honor our mothers — for many of them look a little different these days, too.

Their ability to be protectors, encouragers and constant comforters remains. Thank goodness they often can set aside their own worries in an effort to lessen ours.

Recently, as if the charge to offer a sense of calm at this time isn’t enough to shoulder, they have been tasked with new challenges during this pandemic and state shutdown.

Mothers are now:

News gatherers, making sure our young ones are hearing the most accurate, responsible information possible

Supporters of small businesses, ordering takeout meals and curbside pickup items when possible, to show family members the importance of lending a hand

Mask makers, for those who live with us as well as those who live near us

Meal and food bank contributors, so that those in need can have the nourishment necessary to face each day

Board/video game players, for the sake of their children’s boredom — and even their own

Suddenly, and without much preparation time, mothers have also taken on the role of substitute teachers and teachers’ helpers to keep their children on task as schools are closed for the remainder of the academic year. They have had to quickly grasp technology and new learning methods, and this is no small challenge for some.

Teachers are amazing and inspirational people, and I have little doubt that mothers have an even greater respect now for the job they do every day.

I believe multitasking is a mother’s greatest talent. And although some of their newfound roles may discontinue in the coming weeks and months, they will continue, in the face of any adversity, to put on a brave face — and power through — for the sake and safety of their children.

Let’s honor these deserving role models, remembering the valuable lessons they teach while adapting along the way.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you protectors, encouragers and constant comforters.

Kelly Lutterschmidt


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