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Friday, May 29, 2020

‘Don’t make your next shopping trip or beach outing be your last’

Thursday, May 21, 2020 by The Press in Opinion

To the Editor:

Dr. Fauci has just said on NBC if things are going well in September, yadda yadda he can see football stadiums with one-half or one-third of a football fan capacity as long as they can maintain 6 feet distancing.


The freakin seats are about 18-20 inches wide. The best you’ll do in the majority of the seats is one person for every five seats or 20 percent of capacity. The clubs and private suites because of large seats might allow 25 percent capacity but the limited floor space might just make it impractical.

If break-even for stadium owners is 60 percent or more like 70 percent capacity, it is a hard play to call.

Obviously Dr. Fauci hasn’t been to a football game since his school days.

His boss has kept him off the stage and asked him to keep the outlook positive.

Partially opening businesses is a huge tipping point on a lot of levels. Georgia Gov. [Brian] Kemp’s efforts to open restaurants, massage, tattoo and beauty parlors has met harsh public opinion. Seventy-eight percent of Georgian citizens do not want to go to a restaurant now. But 15,000 envious out-of-staters have poured across the Georgia borders.

We under the conservative leadership of our Pennsylvania Gov. [Tom] Wolf are doing a great job slowing this aggressive mile-a-minute virus by limiting victims and it has been working ... so far.

Don’t make your next shopping trip or beach outing be your last.

William Klein

New Tripoli