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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

Ballot referendum considered on Allentown Public Library funding

In an attempt to cut expenditures, the Salisbury Township Board of Commissioners is considering a ballot referendum on township funding of the Allentown Public Library.

The township annually provides $81,559 to the public library. The funding provides township residents free use of the library and access to the library system.

"If we can save that money, give it back to the taxpayers," said commissioner Vice President Robert Martucci Jr.

'Oblivion': Cruise drone-alone

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Focus

"Oblivion" is a stunning sci-fi thriller that transports you to another world: Earth in the not two-distant future.

The year is 2077, intones Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) in the prologue. An alien invasion has made the planet uninhabitable, he tells us. Surviving humans have fled to Triton, a moon of Saturn.

Harper is a kind of space-age mechanic. Only, instead of repairing cars, he repairs drones, which have been developed into all-purpose super-fast, super-lethal security forces. The drones are like a three-dimensional Pac-Man and they destroy any targets in their path.

THEATER REVIEW Civic's 'Next to Normal' is anything but

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Focus

"Next To Normal" is certainly not your normal musical.

It defies the conventions of traditional Broadway fare in several ways.

"Next to Normal," through May 19, Civic Theatre of Allentown, has very few spoken words of dialogue. The story is advanced through songs 17 in act one and 20 (including five reprises) in act two, for a total of 37 production numbers.

This is about double the number of songs in a typical musical. "Chicago," for example, has 11 songs in act one and seven songs (with no reprises) in act two, for a total of 17 production numbers.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

Answers sought on KidsPeace Broadway Campus housing refugee children

The announcement that KidsPeace Broadway Campus is to be a site for the housing of children caught at the Mexico border has caught Salisbury Township officials off-guard.

Township officials are looking into whether or not KidsPeace is permitted by law to undertake the project. Salisbury officials said they will speak with KidsPeace officials.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

Official airs concerns about PPL tree-trimming program

PPL tree trimming created a storm of controversy at the Salisbury Township Environmental Advisory Council meeting.

Salisbury Township Director of Planning and Zoning Cynthia Sopka said that residents have phoned her at the township municipal building with complaints about the method and results of the PPL tree trimming.

PPL Electric Utilities stepped up its tree-trimming program in the right-of-ways of its electrical power lines following widespread power outages in the Lehigh Valley after Superstorm Sandy in late October 2012.

'The Place' for fine acting

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Focus

"The Place Beyond The Pines" is a complex drama with three parallel plots telling three interlocking stories. Each is about an individual's choice, and the truth or consequences that result, depending on the choices made.

"Pines" is an indie film crime caper that is of chief interest for its clever if somewhat convoluted screenplay and a bevy of stellar performances by some of the United States' best hot young movie stars.

THEATER REVIEW DeSales Act 1 'Chicago' has all that sass

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Focus

"Chicago" is as brash a musical as can be expected to be set in America's second-city, where crime, scandals and front-page newspaper headlines are second to none.

The musical, directed stunningly with that brash spirit by Dennis Razze, chair of theater, DeSales University, and Associate Artistic Director, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, continues 8 p.m. May 1 - 4 and 2 p.m. May 4 and 5 on the main stage, Labuda Center for the Performing Arts, DeSales University, Center Valley.

SALISBURY TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION Plan for home for elderly again tabled

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

A plan for a proposed home for the elderly off of Lehigh Street in western Salisbury Township near the Emmaus border has again been tabled.

The Salisbury Township Planning Commission is expected to continue its review of Legacy Place, two one-story buildings for approximately 32 residents, at its next meeting, 7:30 p.m. May 14.

Approximately nine residents who live near the proposed facility attended the April 9 planners' meeting when, by a unanimous 7-0 vote, the project was tabled.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013 by PAUL WILLISTEIN in Local News

They exemplify 'essence of volunteer'

It's been said that one measure of a community's strength is the number and quality of its volunteers.

If so, Salisbury Township is strong.

"It would be hard to run this township without what they do for us," Salisbury Township Board of Commissioners President James Brown said of the eight volunteers honored at the annual recognition dinner ceremony April 18 in the township Municipal Building meeting room.