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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Wednesday, February 19, 2020 by CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE in School

Over 400 students participate in annual competition

On Jan. 29, over 400 students competed in 54 hands-on skill and leadership competitions. This “Showcase of Skills” is a unique opportunity to observe some of the most talented career and technical education students in the area. District Gold Medal winners will advance to state and national competitions. This year, the SkillsUSA Council partnered with postsecondary educational institutions to award over $200,000 in scholarships to the medalists of 12 competitions.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020 by DEBBIE GALBRAITH in School

Enycia Nunez

Q. Who are the members of your family: parents, siblings and pets?

A. The members of my family are my mom, dad, sister, my brothers and my dog, Tuck.

Q. What do you most enjoy about being a senior at Salisbury High School?

A. I love that I’m able to come to school everyday and see everyone I’ve grown up with start to plan the next chapter of their lives.

Q. What is your favorite subject? Why?

Salisbury Middle School Honor Roll

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 by The Press in School

Salisbury Middle School has announced the names of students named to the honor roll for the second marking period.


Grade 6: Aiden Bonser, Beatrice Carag, Giana Cerco, Ryan Chen, Gwyneth DeFazio, Madelynn Dilliard, Casey Ehrie, Autumn Evans, Abigail Herr, Dylan Jarjous, Nicholas Kannan, Meredith Kelley, Alexander Korn, Samuel Krauss, Ireland Larsen, Steven Lozada, Christian Marinos, Riley Nemitz, Isabella Nimeh, Calvin Richardson, Abigail Seeley, Remy Spedaliere, Hanin Suleiman, Karema Suleiman